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Earthwise Pet Supply- Harper’s Point in in Cincinnati, OH is a distributor of Mr. Groom Pet Products. They were kind of enough to send pictures of clients to show the effectiveness of Mr. Groom products!   Bathed using Mr. Groom Whitener Shampoo, the effectiveness you can see for yourself 🙂

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Lisa Moreau, JADA English Setters

For over 40 years my family has been using Mr. Groom Coat & Skin Conditioner on our show dogs. It started in the early 1970’s when my Grandmother & Grandfather started showing and raising Boxers & Afghan Hounds under the kennel name of JADA. I have English Setters and have not found another product that conditions my dogs coats and makes their feathering & top coat shine like Mr. Groom Coat & Skin Conditioner. It keeps the skin dander free and you can comb right through the feathering with a light spray every time. It is a product I hope to be using for many years to come!

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Charlene Morris- Wilson

Mr. Groom is the very best in total dog products, not only for grooming but also for nu- trition. The products for horses were also untouchable by any other.

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Cleopatra Patricek, Japan

Thank you for your reply. I found the product in Yokohama, Japan at this really cute and trendy dog store. I asked them for professional grade products and they recommended your product line.

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Barbara Manz

Thank you for your contact information. Mr. Groom is the best for our standard poodle coat and it makes her smell so good.

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Gloria Douglas

Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic product Mr. Groom’s Whitening Shampoo is. I own a Saint Bernard with quite a bit of white on him and after shampooing him with the shampoo, was amazed at how he glittered and shone.

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Kay Ludden

Hi Mr. Groom; My neighbor gave me a small bottle of your whitening shampoo last month when I was out of shampoo for my little Maltese. He is allergic to everything but your shampoo. Finding Mr. Groom has changed our lives.

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