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Karen N.

“The smell of the Coat and Skin Conditioner spray and protein shampoo are great! My pups smelled good for several days following using them, even once they were home and got muddy.”

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“I have used the Mr. Groom Coat and Skin Conditioner spray right up until last summer then I wasn’t showing dogs and ran out.  The sunscreen and the way the coat gleams. My dogs stand and love having the spray put on, and difference in the coat without using it is unreal! The coat is nowhere near as shiny without it.”

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“The Mr Groom Coat and Skin Conditioner spray seems to be very popular throughout the dog showing scene and I can’t see ANYTHING that could possibly replace its quality – I have seen a couple of types of deodorant ‘pump sprays’ on the shelf which would wet my dogs coats too much and wouldn’t put the shine on the coats like the Mr Groom spray does. Love it!”

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Hope Steepe – US

The Vita Groom has worked wonders for Duke. I put it on his food every morning, had to be careful as he is so sensitive to everything and he would wake me to go outside and throw up 2 – 3 times a week. Since taking Vita Groom he has not had that issue. So glad to have Mr. Groom in the house!

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Joan Shoulburg – US

In my top 5 go-to products! ONLY use the Show Groom finish spray .. (been at this 30+ years!) everyone loves it!

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Sheryll Lyall – New Zealand

Love this product! My Dad used this on German Shepherd’s before a show 25 years ago. He gave me this can and every time I use it it reminds me of him and his dogs! Still smells awesome!! So thankful that I Googled this product and found the the helpful people at Mr. Groom and they are doing there very best to get some sent to me in New Zealand. Great team. Thank you!!!

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Love Mr Groom products!!! Every pet we groom at Lexington Pet Lodge is sprayed with Show Groom. I even use it on my own hair! Our customers’ pets have never looked and smelled so good!!!

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Versailles Kennels – VitaGroom UK

I have been using and recommending vitagroom for about 12 years, it is GREAT, when I was showing JWW Multi CH Versailles Tanika Adorele the UK’s ONLY BRITISH Bred Havanese to win a World Title and hold so many Champion titles from every continent. It is one product we at recommend for all owners of Havanese.

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Mr Groom is still the only shampoo we use here – it has a less than .001% reaction rate …EXCELLENT!

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Stephanie Moore- Kafka

Kafka after his most recent groom! Products used: Protein Shampoo + No Snarl Conditioner and finished with Show Groom conditioning spray.

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