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Vita-Groom Testimonial

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Oatmeal Shampoo Testimonial

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Magik Spray on Horse Fungal Tail

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Crosby’s Car Wash

What a blessing the Groomer Stone is. We are not Mr. Groom’s typical customer – we buy the groomer stones in bulk to use at our car wash and detailing business. There is no other product on the market that removes pet hair from upholstered seats like the Groomer Stone. A++!

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Hershey Pet Fair 2017

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Melissa Byrd

My 8 year old Bloodhound has cancer and I use Vita-Groom to help improve her immune system. Her coat is in amazing condition compared to before, she rarely sheds and she has outlived her prognosis by 6 months so far. I couldn’t be more pleased! I have all my friends dogs on it now.

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Brittany Southwind

This (Magik Spray) really is a fantastic product. I have a Bloodhound that has had skin issues in the past, including, various yeast and bacterial infections. I spray the affected areas and bedding daily to keep any would-be problems at bay. She went from being almost bald in some areas, to now a thick, soft, and plush coat. I can not reccomend this product enough!!

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I have tried several of Mr. Groom’s products and I am very pleased!! I use Vita-Groom on top of his kibble every morning. He loves the taste and it’s such an easy supplement to give. My pup’s coat is very shining and shedding has decreased. I highly recommend this product.

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Dog will not eat without Vita-Groom!!!

I started my dog Cody on vita-Groom because he had a dry, ichty coat. within two weeks he stopped itching, and his coat was soft and shiny. Also he had hot spots before and after one week they dissapeared. I’ve gotten myself into quite a predicament, because now he won’t eat his food without vita-groom. He stares at me until i put it on top of his food. I guess we’re vita groom lovers for life!! – Patricia

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Great deal on a gallon of shampoo!! It’s whitening, and it did a great job on our palomino paint after a pretty muddy winter & spring. I was pleased, and you don’t need much in your bucket! Wasn’t sure how it would handle a horse since it’s supposed for dogs. It works great and won’t discolor colored hair. I used it on my black and tan GSD and my red Merle Aussie/Golden Lab. Smells great, nice lather, easy rinsing!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. – Mr. Groom Customer Review

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