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Duke Iden & Buckley

It is very seldom I write to a company and tell them how much I like their product, but I felt I have to in your case. This past summer I was given a beautiful pure bred Border Collie. Buckley is five and is marked like Lassie. One of the first things I noticed about him was how well he performed around people and even crowds and festivals. This led me to call Lima Memorial Hospital to see if they had a pet visiting program. They do. Buckley now has a job as a Patient Therapist. He has his own tee shirt and ID badge with his photo on it. He is very well received by the patients and the staff at Memorial. Before he goes to work, he is sprayed with Mr. Groom and brushed. Since we have practically free range of the hospital, it is imperative that he is clean (  a 73 pound collie is not easy to keep clean) and that he has no “doggie odors.” Your spray makes him look great with a glowing coat and there are no odors. It also eliminates his collie tangles.

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