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Barbie’s Pampered Pets

I just wanted to tell you about one of your products that I have been using for the last four years. I am the owner and operator of a dog grooming business for eight years now. I pride myself in wanting to give my best for my clients. My clientele is large and I come across many different problems that the dogs have. I try to help in every case whether it be something I can specifically do in the shop, at home care after the groom or to send them to the vet. About four years ago I started using your Vita Groom. I always use the products on my own dogs before I try to retail it to others. I found it to help my dog before I try to retail it to others. I found it to help my dog’s skin and fur improve very well. My Westie always had very find baby hair, but it got beautifully thick in a matter of a few months. I t also helped with both my dogs dry itching skin. It slowed down their scratching. I was ready for my clients now. When I started moving this product to my customers, the product started selling itself. I was selling to people that weren’t even my clients because of the word of mouth traveling to these people. It also enhances the taste of the dry dog food that it is put on and found that dogs that are picky eaters and wouldn’t eat their food well loved it with the Vita Groom. No more trouble eating now. Some of you know how frustrating it can be for your dogs not wanting to eat and having to buy different brands all the time trying to get them to eat. Lots of wasted dog food. I just wanted to let you know how much this product does in helping our furry little people that we love so much. Thank you for Vita Groom and keep up the good work with your products!

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