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Can you remember back to a snowy winter day you had this winter? That may be really simple for some of you that get a lot of cold weather. We know for all of our readers in the southeast and Florida this may mean you have to go back SEVERAL years or to a time where you lived somewhere that actually got snow, but imagine with me that there is snow all on the ground and you are bundled up and trying to keep as warm as you can while the snowflakes fall all around. It may have been beautiful. It also may have been bitter cold.  But as I’m sure you can imagine the experience may very greatly in your memory dependent upon how long you were outside and how well dressed you were during the cold. Those were the good ole’ days. This article will dive into how cold is too cold for dogs to be outside along with some tips for keeping your dog safe during the winter months. How Cold is Too Cold for Dogs In Winter? Although winter is officially over on March 19th and March 20th is the start of spring, many parts of.