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  Have you heard that essential oils on dogs is a thing?  It really is.  And we’ve been excited to do some research on this ourselves to make sure we can bring you helpful information in your journey to keep your pets safe. In today’s blog post, we’re going to talk about how to safely use essential oils on dogs. Without a doubt, you’ve heard something about the use of essential oils on dogs recently. We know pet owners want to bath their dogs with shampoos and have them soft, smooth and clean, however many like to use essential oils  too. They seem to be all the hype online, in stores, and all over social media. Maybe you’re leery of trying them out, or maybe you’re a seasoned essential oil user. The use of essential oils for human wellness is greatly debated, as is the case with dogs. Many dog owners and groomers likely have wondered how to safely use essential oils on dogs. We’ve put together this post as a quick reference to guide you through! How to Safely Use Essential Oils on Dogs Diffuse A great way to acclimate pets to essential oils is to wear the oils.