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How to keep your dog from shedding Do you have a dog that that has become part of your family but they shed? Are you frustrated when you look along the hardwood floors and realize it is time for you to sweep (or vacuum) again because there is dog hair everywhere? Have you ever wondered how to keep your dog from shedding? Trust us, you are not alone! According to Dog Time, the level of shedding in different breeds varies greatly. Today’s blog post is about 7 smart ways to keep your dogs shedding less and you can start implementing these today. 7 Smart Ways to Keep Your Dog Shedding Less Brush Your Dog There are many types of dog brushes available for purchase and it is best to get in a regular routine of brushing your dog often. Depending on the type of brush you use, your dog could actually come to really enjoy the brushing process. By brushing your dog regularly you are giving the hair that will come out a chance to get in the brush and in the trash rather than throughout your house. That’s a good thing. We know this to be true. Allow More Inside.