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Professional Dog Grooming Tips Taking your dog to the groomer can get expensive, fast. We have some professional dog grooming tips that you can utilize at home that will save you both time and money. We all want our dogs to look and feel their best, but is it possible to achieve professional quality grooming at home? It is if you follow our tips and tricks of the trade. Dog Grooming Supplies We compiled a list of dog grooming supplies that you should have at the ready before beginning the grooming process: -Combs/Brushes –Dog Shampoo -Non-slip bathtub mat -Handheld shower sprayer -Hair trap for drain -Dog nail clippers Brush Before Bathing The first step in your at home grooming routine should be to brush your dog’s fur out. Many dogs, especially those with long hair, are prone to mats and tangles; these should be brushed out before the bathing process begins. We recommend using cornstarch to help detangle. Simply sprinkle the cornstarch directly on to the mat or tangle to help loosen the knots before beginning to brush. You can use a brush or a comb, whichever works better for your dog’s fur to help loosen the tangle. Additionally, if.