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Summer Travel With Your Dog

Have you got an upcoming summer vacation that you are super excited about? Plan on taking with you your four-legged friend? We want to make sure that the travel stays fun and that you don’t have any interruptions so we have created a blog post to help make your summer travel with your dog easier.

Today we’ll share with you ___ things to take into consideration with traveling with pets in the summer months.

Air Travel Limitations

In order for airlines to keep the flight experience as safe as possible for your pet, they have limitations on what the temperature can be to provide travel for pets. Typically, pets will not be accepted by most airlines when the temperature at the arrival, layover or departure airport is above 84°F (29°C)  at any of the locations on your entire trip. Do make sure of this policy, be sure to check with the specific airline that you plan to make your flight plans with to your final destination.

Secure Collars and Tags

We know that sometimes our dogs can have collars that may seem to not be as secure as they need to be. This may seem less important when you are just taking a stroll through your very familiar neighborhood. But when you venture to new locations that your pets are unfamiliar with, it makes it really important that you check those collars as well as the ID tags.  It is always a smart and safe way to go when you can have a peace of mind to know that your dog is as safe as possible.


If you are traveling by car and you are making a long road trip part of your journey with pets, be sure and take a bottle of water (just in case) and a bowl for your pet when your family stops to use the restroom.  A rule of thumb is to offer your dog water when you make stops for the rest of your family of for yourself.

Safety First

Since you are now away from home and that means a lot of new sights, smells, sounds, and potential food items for your dog. Sounds adventurous, right?

Well, it is. But make sure that you pay close attention to the items that your dog is near during the travel experience. Whether it be in the car or at the location you are heading to visit, there are great dangers for your dogs if they ingest harmful chemicals or items such as lights, decorations and deoderant. Be sure to keep a close eye on your pet as they explore and enjoy the new sights too.

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