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With all the hype and excitement of the solar eclipse happening on August 21, 2017 many people are making sure that they are in a good location to enjoy the eclipse and order NASA approved eclipse glasses in North America.

But have you thought about the impact of the eclipse on your pets?

The good news is that there aren’t any loud noises associated with the upcoming solar eclipse which does happen on holidays like New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July and any other time there are fireworks. That said, there could be people near your home or where you are watching that choose to do fireworks if that is legal in your state

In today’s blog post we’re going to share with you how to prepare your pets and keep them safe during the solar eclipse.

Similar Reactions to Inclimate Weather

If your dog reacts to storms, they may notice the visual change in the sky color and could have some anxiousness. And with the changing of the sky as the moon moves in front of the sun, it will cause shadows to become much sharper and come at different and unexpected angles.  Therefore, if your dog is a watcher, they might get a little suspicious about what they are seeing.

Keep Your Pets Leashed in Public Settings

Because of the changes taking place in the atmosphere, the reactions your pet may have could trigger them to be fearful or scared.  By keeping them on a leash in any outdoor area beyond your backyard would be in the best interest of your pets and the safety of others too.

The Pets Don’t Need Eclipse Glasses

Although it would make for an adorable photo op, it isn’t necessary to get your pet eclipse glasses. We actually tried getting Teddy in our photo to put them on just for a photo and he would have no part in it (Imagine that!!). So we held them to make it appear they were somewhat on his face just for fun.  According to Charos,  “Normally dogs and cats don’t try to look at the sun, so there should be no concern that they will do so during the eclipse,” he explains, also pointing out that the disruption is relatively brief, so pets will be back to their normal schedules before you can say, “The sun is gone and no birds are chirping and I’m really, really scared—please help me, Fluffy, I need your furry, four-legged comfort.”

Keep Pets Indoors, If Possible

If you have household pets that normally are inside, it would be a wise decision to let them remain inside.  *In a release from the Suffolk County SPCA, Dr. John Charos of Valley Stream’s Central Veterinary Associates says pet owners shouldn’t be overly concerned, though it may be wise to take certain precautions.



Pets are most likely to notice that the sun is not shining and there is darkness all around. However, due to the limited brief period of time that this takes place it is most likely that your pets are not going to be impacted negatively by the solar eclipse and that they will be back to their usual routine before you know it.

Best advice is to keep your pets inside just to be on the safe side.

Will you be watching the solar eclipse and will your pets be with you? Tell us in the comments below?


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