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Introducing Magik Spray!

Mr. Groom is very excited to announce the introduction of the newest product to our OxyGreen Line, Magik Spray!

“Magik Spray is a spray-on, topical formula that is alcohol-free, chemical free and biodegradable! This broad-spectrum anti-pathogenic solution is derived from all-natural sources. It is an extremely potent and effective anti-pathogen that acts as a bactericide, fungicide, anti-viral and anti-parasitic compound.  Magik Spray is enviromentally safe for use on all animals as well as people and plants.  It is also effective against salmonella, E-Coli, Histoplasmosis, and hot spots.  Magik Spray can be used as first aid to treat cuts, abrasions, and external fungal infections on dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, guinea pigs, birds and non-aquatic reptiles. Helps keep bacteria away from cages, pet food bowls and more.”

Magik Spray 1


Magik Spray was launched last month at the Atlanta Pet Fair with great success.  Currently available on our website HERE in a 4oz pump spray bottle it is the perfect size to keep in your purse or doggie first aid kit.

Here are just a few ways you can make Magik Spray work for you!

-As an alcohol free hand sanitizer. Because it is alcohol free it won’t dry out your hands.

-To clean and sanitize your grooming surfaces, tools and kennels.  Just give your equipment a quick spray and wipe it off.

-As an antiseptic on cuts and scrapes.  Because its alcohol free it won’t burn, and most dogs don’t like the taste so they are not likely to lick it.

-To treat external yeast infections on most pets and humans.  Most infections can be resolved in as little as two applications.

Magik Spray is an essential item for any grooming salon.

Interested carrying Magik Spray in your shop or salon?  E-mail us at for more details!

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