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Horse Shampoo

horse shampooHorse Shampoo

When looking for a horse shampoo that best fits you and your horse’s needs, you might be faced with a tough choice. With so many available options, it can be overwhelming at times. In certain cases, you might even be tempted to go for grooming products and other horse supplies based on color and smell. After all, it would be nice for your horse to smell like fresh like summer flowers.

Keep in mind that adding a scented odor does not necessarily guarantee the best result because there are other important things to look for as well. Even though you might not find yourself to be familiar with a lot of ingredients, you can still decide on the shampoo based on its purpose such as creating shine and brightening your horse’s coat color. Once you are able to narrow down your choices, you can then move on to the next step.

Removing Stains

If you would like your horse shampoo to remove stains, then you should go for our spot cleaner or dry shampoo. These have been designed in order to remove a stain in a specific area and would not have to be used on the whole horse. The best part would be that it could not require any rinsing. This is great during the chilly and cold winter months or while you are on the road for a big show. Another bonus is this product is long lasting. To use, simply dab the product on a hot and steamy towel then apply to the spot to eliminate the stain. You aren’t required to shampoo the whole horse and you get that quick and easy fix you need. It’s a win-win!

Creating Shine

Your horse is your pride and joy and keeping their mane strong and shiny reflects that. For this reason, our horse shampoo would be perfect for it. With ingredients that would be gentle and mild, you can get the job done right. Remember that oils are essential for your horse’s coat so the more oil your horse has, the healthier its coat is. Thus, a mild shampoo would be perfect.

Brightening Whites

For brightening whites, our whitener shampoo is the perfect choice. Its blue or purple coloration helps balance out the gray and white tones in horses. This shampoo will really make your horse’s coat color pop in the show ring. Since this product is designed specially for your horse’s coat coloration, it has the potential to dry out your horse’s skin over time so it is recommended that you only use it for your big show coming up among other special occasions.

Getting Rid of Sun Bleaching

Since your horse spends most of its time under the sun, it’s very common for sun bleaching to occur. To counteract this problem, the mild shampoo is your go-to choice. This is because the main goal here is to remove the salt but retain the oil and shine in order to prevent sun bleaching in the future.


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