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Fun Facts

Zelda licking Rugby

  • Mr. Groom is one of the oldest product lines on the market with over half a century of being one of the top selling all-natural shampoo and conditioner lines in the pet industry.
  • Mr. Groom shampoos have one of the highest ratings for quality, all-natural ingredients.
  • Mr. Groom is consistently proven as one of the top shampoo and conditioners preferred by professional groomers and show handlers.
  • Each shampoo and conditioner is specifically developed to solve a problem that pets might have with their coat and skin.
  • Mr. Groom is a market leader in combining ingredients that are gentle to skin and coat resulting in more comfort and faster healing.
  • Mr. Groom’s shampoos and conditioners contain no harsh chemicals, thereby ensuring no additional problems for pets with sensitive skin.
  • Mr. Groom is in great demand by pet owners because of the shampoo’s ability to create suds and rinse quickly without leaving residue.
  • Mr. Groom products are developed in a manufacturing facility that is FDA approved and all products are safe for use even on the human level.
  • Mr. Groom products are used by 4-H students in preparing their animals for showing in state fairs and other competitions.
  • Mr. Groom shampoos and conditioners are used by professional show handlers, groomers, veterinarians, spas, kennels and even rescues all around the world!