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How to Groom Your Horse So You Bond & Connect Grooming your horse is about more than just keeping him clean, it can also be a bonding experience between you and your horse.  Proper grooming of your horse is not only essential for his well-being, but also for strengthening the special bond between horse and owner.  We invite you to check out our tips below to help you properly groom your horse while connecting with him at the same time. Horse Grooming Tips Grooming your horse, in one way or another, should be part of your daily ritual together and should be enjoyable for both the horse and you.   Grooming is a great way to check your horse for any injuries or irritations and should always be done before riding. Any grit or debris hiding under your horse’s saddle could cause irritation and sores, so be sure to groom your horse before riding. While you don’t necessarily need to bathe your horse every day with horse shampoo and water, it is especially important to do if your horse is hot and sweaty. Hot summer heat and an intense workout are both causes for an overly hot horse and giving a bath typically.

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Horse Shampoo

Horse Shampoo When looking for a horse shampoo that best fits you and your horse’s needs, you might be faced with a tough choice. With so many available options, it can be overwhelming at times. In certain cases, you might even be tempted to go for grooming products and other horse supplies based on color and smell. After all, it would be nice for your horse to smell like fresh like summer flowers. Keep in mind that adding a scented odor does not necessarily guarantee the best result because there are other important things to look for as well. Even though you might not find yourself to be familiar with a lot of ingredients, you can still decide on the shampoo based on its purpose such as creating shine and brightening your horse’s coat color. Once you are able to narrow down your choices, you can then move on to the next step. Removing Stains If you would like your horse shampoo to remove stains, then you should go for our spot cleaner or dry shampoo. These have been designed in order to remove a stain in a specific area and would not have to be used on the whole horse..

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