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7 Tips to Giving Your Cat a Bath Without Getting Your Arms Shredded If you are a cat owner, then you know that cats typically hate getting wet. So, what happens when you cat is in serious need of a bath? This article will discuss 7 tips to giving your cat a bath without ending up with scratched, bleeding arms and a disgruntled cat. Why Cats Don’t Like Water First things first, it is important to understand why most house cats don’t like water or being wet. Many scientists believe that a cat’s dislike of water comes from years of domestication where their owners have shielded them from the elements. Cats have been domesticated for centuries now and many are “house cats” meaning they stay inside the house all the time. It is also believed that cats may have evolved to dislike moisture because their coats actually absorb moisture rather than deflect it which makes it difficult for them to get dry. No matter what the reason, it is pretty common knowledge that cats do not like to get wet. Even though your cat may be fascinated by your dripping faucet, he or she would likely be terrified to get.