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  Do you have a dog that that has become part of your family but they shed? Are you frustrated when you look along the hardwood floors and realize it is time for you to sweep (or vacuum) again because there is dog hair everywhere? Trust us, you are not alone. According to Dog Time, the level of shedding in different breeds varies greatly. Today’s blog post is about 7 smart ways to keep your dogs shedding less and you can start implementing these today. 7 Smart Ways to Keep Your Dog Shedding Less Brush Your Dog There are many types of dog brushes available for purchase and it is best to get in a regular routine of brushing your dog often. Depending on the type of brush you use, your dog could actually come to really enjoy the brushing process. By brushing your dog regularly you are giving the hair that will come out a chance to get in the brush and in the trash rather than throughout your house. That’s a good thing. We know this to be true. Allow More Inside Time for Your Dog Studies show that dogs that are inside more often have less fluctuations.

With all the hype and excitement of the solar eclipse happening on August 21, 2017 many people are making sure that they are in a good location to enjoy the eclipse and order NASA approved eclipse glasses in North America. But have you thought about the impact of the eclipse on your pets? The good news is that there aren’t any loud noises associated with the upcoming solar eclipse which does happen on holidays like New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July and any other time there are fireworks. That said, there could be people near your home or where you are watching that choose to do fireworks if that is legal in your state In today’s blog post we’re going to share with you how to prepare your pets and keep them safe during the solar eclipse. Similar Reactions to Inclimate Weather If your dog reacts to storms, they may notice the visual change in the sky color and could have some anxiousness. And with the changing of the sky as the moon moves in front of the sun, it will cause shadows to become much sharper and come at different and unexpected angles.  Therefore, if your dog is a.

Summer Travel With Your Dog

Have you got an upcoming summer vacation that you are super excited about? Plan on taking with you your four-legged friend? We want to make sure that the travel stays fun and that you don’t have any interruptions so we have created a blog post to help make your summer travel with your dog easier. Today we’ll share with you ___ things to take into consideration with traveling with pets in the summer months. Air Travel Limitations In order for airlines to keep the flight experience as safe as possible for your pet, they have limitations on what the temperature can be to provide travel for pets. Typically, pets will not be accepted by most airlines when the temperature at the arrival, layover or departure airport is above 84°F (29°C)  at any of the locations on your entire trip. Do make sure of this policy, be sure to check with the specific airline that you plan to make your flight plans with to your final destination. Secure Collars and Tags We know that sometimes our dogs can have collars that may seem to not be as secure as they need to be. This may seem less important when you are.

The Grateful Dog

Through the month of September, 20% of all Eli & Jojo’s sales at The Grateful Dog will be donated to Friends for Life. Pamper your pooch with homemade, organic dog treats in Banana Berry, Fresh Breath, and Pumpkin Veggie flavors, also available in Variety packs. Thanks for shopping local! Learn more about Eli and Jojo’s at Learn more about The Forever Farm at

Elam Animal Hospital Donation

Elam Animal Hospital received a donation from Mr. Groom and we couldn’t be more excited for them! They are located on Forest Drive in South Carolina. Check out their services at!

Griffin Animal Hospital Donation

Mr. Groom was delighted to make a donation of shampoos to the kind folks at Griffin Animal Hospital in Columbia, SC. They are one of the best veterinary clinics in South Carolina! Visit their website especially if you live in The Vista or near Five Points.

The Animal Mission of Columbia Donation

Mr. Groom was happy to donate shampoos to the Animal Mission of Columbia. Visit their website, for more information on volunteer opportunities and adoptions. Folks adopting will receive a special discount on all online orders of Mr. Groom!

Congratulations SAMPSON!

Congratulations to Sampson and Jessika Snyder for winning a Mr. Groom gift basket to celebrate National Mutt Day! We hope you love all of your new Mr. Groom goodies!

National Mutt Day 2016

This weekend, Mr. Groom participated in a raffle at Jake’s Bar in Five Points hosted by The Columbia Humane Society. If you’re not familiar with Jake’s, they have Yappy Hour every week where everyone can bring their dogs with them! Needless to say, we had a great time celebrating National Mutt Day with a whole bunch of great food, live music and awesome pups! If you’re interested in Jake’s and their unique Yappy Hour, visit If you’re looking to volunteer with the amazing folks at the Humane Society, check out their website for more information.