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How to keep your dog from shedding

Do you have a dog that that has become part of your family but they shed?

Are you frustrated when you look along the hardwood floors and realize it is time for you to sweep (or vacuum) again because there is dog hair everywhere? Have you ever wondered how to keep your dog from shedding?

Trust us, you are not alone!

According to Dog Time, the level of shedding in different breeds varies greatly.

Today’s blog post is about 7 smart ways to keep your dogs shedding less and you can start implementing these today.

7 Smart Ways to Keep Your Dog Shedding Less

Brush Your Dog

There are many types of dog brushes available for purchase and it is best to get in a regular routine of brushing your dog often. Depending on the type of brush you use, your dog could actually come to really enjoy the brushing process. By brushing your dog regularly you are giving the hair that will come out a chance to get in the brush and in the trash rather than throughout your house. That’s a good thing. We know this to be true.

Allow More Inside Time for Your Dog

Studies show that dogs that are inside more often have less fluctuations in their shedding patterns and it remains more consistent.  Therefore, it would be ideal if you have an inside dog that remains indoors for the majority of the time when they are not outside running and playing frisbee with you (that is if your dog is the frisbee jumping kind).

Use Nutritional Supplements

Using Vita Groom can be a great way to help! It is a liquid supplement that easily gets added to your pets food.  What exactly is it you ask? Well, it is made with fortified wheat germ oil, essential fatty acids, vitamins, zinc lecithin and biotin and it adds luster to the coats of dogs and cats while reducing shedding, reducing scratching, flaking and dandruff and creating an overall shine for the coat. So many benefits and definitely worth using. Use the code VITAGROOM here when you shop and save $7 oFF your next purchase.

Feed Your Dog a High Quality Diet

Pets need to get healthy foods in their bodies just like humans do and you’d be surprised at how well nutrition can improve the shedding of your pet. Avoid cheaper dog foods that are full of fillers like corns and grains. Instead look for pet food that has a high protein like real chicken, turkey, duck and other meat-rich foods can pay off in the long run for the overall health of your dog. This includes the ability for your dog to absorb nutrients from the higher quality foods as well as absorption of the food in their digestive system.


  • Some breeds are more sensitive than others
  • Not all dogs react the same way to different foods so be sure to try and food that works best for your dog
  • Don’t make sudden changes to your pet’s diet but rather slowly transition them to something new

Give Your Dog Healthy ‘Human’ Snacks

Foods such as apple slices, bananas, sliced cucumbers and lean meats can not only help with the luster of your pet’s coat but it can also help with reducing shedding.

Bathe Your Dog Regularly

When you bathe your dog regularly you are allowing more opportunities for excess hair to be removed during the cleaning process and eliminate more opportunities for it to get on the furniture in your house.  You can use dog shampoo such as our oatmeal shampoo for dogs, protein shampoo or dog whitener shampoo which provide a wonderful lather and relieves itching too.

FURminator Tool

Many people swear by them as being super helpful in removing the undercoat hair in dogs that heavily shed.  They have varied sizes available depending upon the size of your dog and can be a great investment especially if you handle the grooming for your pet on your own at home. Here’s a photo of what the tool looks like.

dog grooming


Hopefully these 7 ways how to keep your dog from shedding will help you in your efforts to get your dog shedding less.

At the end of the day if you have a dog that sheds a lot it can be quite frustrating.  Hopefully by implementing some of these tips you’ll be able to better manage the shedding of your dogs and keep your home and dog quite happy.

Want to learn more about how to stop the shedding? Check out a great article written by our friends at Honest Paws.

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