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Dog grooming has come a long way since the days of a simple haircut, bath, brush and claw cleanup. In this fashion savvy world, dog groomers and their owners are taking dog grooming to another level.

Whats the reason? Getting likes on social media!

Today’s world revolves around how many “likes” and comments you get on your social media platform. But it’s not just the general population that wants to be Insta-famous, they want their cheeky canine to become an internet sensation too.

Price is no barrier either with an estimated $69.36 billion spent on pets in 2017. About $6.11 billion of that was allocated to pet grooming and boarding services.

It’s true to say that extreme dog grooming trends are rapidly on the rise. Some are hilarious, some are cute, and others are just a bit weird.

Keep reading for our top 5 extreme dog grooming trends that are all over the internet in 2018.

1. Doggie Dreads

Give your pooch a Rasta look with some “doggie dreads”. The official term is “corded,” but “doggie dreads” sounds way cooler.

In some dog breeds, like Komondors and Pulis, dreadlock-like locks form naturally. But even if your dog is a different breed, corded grooming can be done with help from a willing groomer.

Be aware that with the dread-ed look, they can be a nightmare to keep clean. This is the case in both humans and animals!

2. Temporary Tattoos

Shaving a design into your canine’s fur is another one of those weird and wonderful new pet trends this year. It’s a way for you to express yourself through your pooch, or for your pooch to express himself.

If shaving isn’t right for your dog, how about a stenciled design instead? They are just like temporary tattoos for dogs. This technique should be safely done with nontoxic wash off colors.

Love hearts, sports team logos, holiday designs, or the classic paw print are pretty popular choices for both stenciled and shaved designs.

3. Keep It Edgy

If your dog has a furry face, why not give him the symmetrical look?

In Taiwan, a peculiar dog grooming craze in the pet industry is sculpting a dogs face into a perfectly rounded style or a cube-like look. The well-groomed pooches definitely look unique with their ball-shaped or box-like heads.

The purpose is to get their dogs Insta-famous. This fashion fad hasn’t hit the USA yet, but time will tell.

What shape will they try next? A triangle? Or how about a diamond shape?

4. Poodle with a Twist

Classic toy poodle cuts look high maintenance but are actually a very practical style.

When a poodle’s curly coat gets drenched in water, their curls start to turn into dreadlocks. This makes their fur quite challenging to look after unless you’re going for the “doggie dreadlock” style of course.

Only keep hair in vital areas – the chest, around the joints and the head. This pouffy look makes them look super chic and fancy, and keeps their mane clean and looking well-maintained.

Some owners try to make their poodles even more stylish with fingernail polish, bows, fur dye, a voluminous pouf and fancy outfits.

5. Rainbow Pooches

Owners are coloring their dogs in a variety of rainbow shades. Vibrant colored chalk is used to add designs and motifs to the dog’s coat. The color is temporary and washes out easily, so don’t get this done on a rainy day!

You may have seen pictures in the pet industry of dogs colored from head to tail. If you do decide to take on this trend, don’t attempt it at home. Have a licensed and experienced groomer do it with nontoxic dyes.

Feathers, jewels, nail polish and other sparkles are also in fashion for our beloved canine. Who could resist a sparkly pooch with a paw-dicure?

Other New Pet Trends

Some other new pet trends include mobile pet grooming. Instead of you and your pets taking the hassle to travel to the boutique, the boutique will come to you.

It’s definitely more convenient to pamper your pets from home. This is extremely useful if your dog is particularly anxious or fearful when traveling.

Pet technology is also on the rise. You can use specified tech to monitor the health and activity of your canine. There are even new high-tech towels and nail clippers that will give your pet a more luxurious washing and grooming experience.

Dogs are being cared for in more affluent ways than ever before, including essential oil treatments. Virgin, therapeutic essential oil treatments can be extremely beneficial for dogs. Many pet owners use this as well as dog shampoo and conditioner products to give their pooch a shiny coat and healthy skin.

For sensitive pets, new shampoos, conditioners, and other products have been created to be natural, hypoallergenic, and medicated. These products are made so that you can look after your beloved pet in the best way possible.

Another wacky new trend is exclusive pet hotels. Instead of traditional kennelling, your beloved pooch can have an indulging vacation of his own in a luxury dog hotel or posh pet resort.

Even human hotels are taking on the dog lover trend and are becoming more pet-friendly. The number of pet owners traveling with their pooch is rising. Many hotels are taking this on board by incorporating pet-specific services and pampered pooch packages.

Extreme Dog Grooming

As you can see, there are many extreme dog grooming trends on the rise this year. Some are weird and wacky, while others show a new level of love and care for your furry friends.

Remember that with all good things, moderation is key. Making your dog a fashion star might be harmless fun, but may not be beneficial for your pet.

It is vital that you check with your veterinarian when introducing anything new into your dogs routine. Whether it’s a fancy round haircut or a temporary tattoo, it’s always best to check first. Whatever you do, always remember to keep your pet’s health the number one priority.

For some great tips and tricks on how to keep your trusty sidekick healthy and happy, take a look at our blog.

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