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Mr. Groom is a US-based company providing dog grooming supplies, pet shampoo, dog shampoo, cat shampoo, horse shampoo for both show animals and household pets. Mr. Groom boasts over 50 years of being one of the top selling all-natural pet shampoo and Show Groom conditioner.

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Dog Shampoo

Thanks to the increasing awareness amongst dog owners of keeping their pets clean, you can see that dog shampoo has become the next big thing.

Even though you might find this product manufactured by several companies, very few of them would actually come close to us.

Let’s begin with why it’s important for you to understand what the big fuss is all about. Simply put, this is a cleansing agent that has been specially designed while keeping your dog in mind. Just like humans, you would find their shampoos to be created to combat specific problems or issues.

So, if you are thinking about buying our dog shampoo, you’re probably curious to know about the benefits that you would be able to get. To know more, check out the benefits of our dog cleaning products.

Cat Shampoo

When thinking about getting cat shampoo, you might think of taking a shortcut and using the shampoo which you tend to use on yourself. However, we don’t recommend this because human shampoos tend to be designed for a more acidic skin that contains a lot of sweat glands. Unlike humans, cats don’t have sweat glands. In fact, they only sweat through their paws. Because  their paws have too small a surface area to do much cooling, you need additional strategies for coping with heat and keeping a healthy cat. In addition, they also tend to have thinner skin. This would mean that your shampoo would harm them more than do good.

In looking for a shampoo for your cat, Mr Groom Cat Shampoo! We understand that cats tend to have a different makeup than that of humans, so our cat shampoos have also been designed with this in mind. As such, you can find that the pH balance is proportioned accurately so that your cat would be able to get the most out of their bath.

Horse Shampoo

When looking for a horse shampoo that best fits you and your horse’s needs, you might be faced with a tough choice. With so many available options, it can be overwhelming at times. In certain cases, you might even be tempted to go for grooming products and other horse supplies based on color and smell. After all, it would be nice for your horse to smell like fresh like summer flowers.

Keep in mind that adding a scented odor does not necessarily guarantee the best result because there are other important things to look for as well. Even though you might not find yourself to be familiar with a lot of ingredients, you can still decide on the horse shampoo based on its purpose such as creating shine and brightening your horse’s coat color. Once you are able to narrow down your choices, you can then move on to the next step.